The idler is made of high quality steel by special process. The casting and forging processes meet different requirements. Finish machining makes the surface of idler smooth and accurate in size. Special heat treatment is adopted to improve the hardness and crack resistance of idler. The roller pin is also heat treated to ensure good hardness during working time.
KOMATSUPC05; PC10; PC10-7; PC12; PC20; PC25; PC30; PC40; PC50; PC60; PC75; PC780; PC100; PC150; PC200; PC200-3; PC200-5; PC220; PC240; PC300; PC360; PC400
HITACHIZAX55; ZAX200; ZAX240; ZAX250; ZAX330; EX08; EX12; EX20; EX35; EX40; EX60-2;
EX60; EX70; EX120; EX200-2; EX200-3; EX300-5; EX400; EX150
CATE70B; E305.5; E120B; E312; E320; E324; E325; E330B; E330C; E345; CAT301.8;
CAT302.5; CAT303
KOBELCOSK015SR; SK020SR; SK035SR; SK045SR; SK024; SL030; SK042; SK200; SK230;
SK200-8; SK250-8; SK330; SK460; SK270; SK120; SK130-8; SK140; SK024; SK025;
SK60-5; SK60; SK045SR; SK042-1; SK042-2; SK045
KATOHD140; HD250; HD450; HD700; HD1250; HD1430
DAEWOODH35; DH55; DH80; DH140; DH150; DH220; DH220-5; DH258; DH300; DH310;
HYUNDAIR60; R60-5; R60-7; R80; R130; R250-9; R200; R225-7; R290; R305; R455
YANMARYC35; YC60; YC75; YC85; YC100; YC135; B37-2; B50; B65; VIO15; VIO16; VIO20; VIO30; VIO55; VIO75
IHIIHI18J; IHI25J; IHI30J; IHI35J; IHI45J; IHI50J; IS35; IHI30; IHI35NX; IHI40; IS40G; IHI45J; IHI50G; IHI100
OTHERTB125; TB135; TB140; TB145; TB150; TB175; U10; U15; U20; U30; U40; H45; EC15;
EC30; EC55JY230E; W135; Bobcat331; Bobcat442; CX35; SY65; FR85; SDLG60; BLY01; EZ17; LC01; MU5018; SP12; TY60-5 etc.
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Produce process
Q1: Where is your factory?
A1: Our manufacture located in Quanzhou city, Fujian Province, China.
Q2: How can I ensure your goods being available for my machine?
A2: We will provide precise information about our products to you for check. If you can't find detailed information about your machine, please provide your machine model or other feature details about your machine, we will search and check.
Q3: What are the advantages or difference from others?
A3: We can provide economical price and OEM service.
Q4: How can you ensure made business long-term and good relationship?
A4: Keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.Buy Excavator Idler
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